Saturday, 13 May 2006



The campaign continues. Today's major objective: the garden.

[New garden path]

Mum brought a car-load of tools this morning and did a remarkable job of cleaning the moss from the patio and levelling out the mountain of earth that my neighbour dumped at the bottom of my garden a year ago. She also managed to fit back together the jigsaw remnants of the wall and even conjured up a rag-and-bone man at just the right moment.

All this while I slowly repainted the kitchen. Anyone thinking of buying a cottage with exposed beams: yes they look great but they're an absolute pain to paint around. Especially on the ceiling. No longer do I have a unicycle tyre mark on the kitchen ceiling. (No longer do I remember how it got there.)

[Front door]

Back in the garden, with the wall now slightly lower than before we used the remaining bricks to frame a new path down to the road. The finished job almost looks professional. To top it all off there are now a pair of tubs either side of the front doorstep to welcome potential buyers off the road.

It's been a hard day, but I feel very proud of the results. I should have done this long ago.

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