Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hadrian's Wall Path

Walton → Carlisle

vallum.jpg Distance: 11.54 miles
Ascent: 125 metres
Duration: 3 hours 54 minutes

Completing the circuit
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We think we're beyond the last of the in-situ masonry of Hadrian's Wall now. All that's left is the impression of the Vallum crossing the increasingly agricultural landscape.

rickerby-fungus.jpgApproaching Carlisle the Path turns away from the invisible route of the wall, favouring a riverside meander along the River Eden instead.

m6-bridge.jpgJust east of the city we paused briefly where we crossed the M6 motorway to recognise that the next time we pass under that bridge we'll be driving north to a new home in Scotland. It's a moment that can't come soon enough.

disused-railway.jpgAnother significant point came at the end of today's walk. We actually walked on beyond the formal end point of the leg to the disused railway bridge over the River Eden. Sneaking between the iron railings protecting walkers from the old structure, it was there that I crossed the river on my coastwalk in 2004. So with this little extra added, we completed our longest continuous walking circuit yet: around most of the coastline of England and Wales, then back to Carlisle along this week's ancient route.

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