Wednesday, 24 March 2004


Carlisle → Beaumont


Distance: 4.32 miles
Ascent: 128 metres
Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes

West of Eden
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West of Carlisle the Cumbria Coastal Way strikes up a conversation with the Hadrian's Wall Path. They keep each other company for about ten miles, the stronger HWP pulling the CCW back from the banks of the River Eden between Grinsdale and Kirkandrews-on-Eden.

I left the pair to their meandering ways, following the Eden closely. Opting for a fairly short walk, I turned around at Beaumont, following the national trail back to Grinsdale then the riverbank back to the car.

I spent the afternoon in Carlisle, seeing the city I'd ignored in previous years. It looks to be a great town. The town centre itself is a balanced mix of narrow lanes and wide, pedestrianised areas with a sprinkling of historically interesting buildings.

Above all though, in Carlisle I found an Internet Café manned by helpful staff who weren't fazed by the idea of me plugging my laptop into their network. This is the kind of place I could live in.

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