Thursday, 11 September 2014


Sunderland Point

A frequent reaction when people learn of the Coastwalk is to ask me where the best bits have been. It's a difficult one to answer, but I do secretly harbour a list of places I'd like to revisit. Today I've ticked one of those off.

sunderland-point.jpgI scarcely mentioned Sunderland Point on my write-up of the walk from Morecambe to Lancaster nine years ago. Although I only spent a couple of minutes walking through the cluster of cottages it left its mark on me and I've longed to return.

Ordinarily Sunderland Point is reached by a tidal causeway. The tide was in today so I instead parked a mile to the north-west at Potts Corner and walked along the edge of the salt-marsh to a track that leads to the village. Back in 2005 I'd cut across to the village on this track but today kept walking along the edge of the marsh.

sambo.jpgA little further south is Sambo's Grave where a "faithful negro" was buried in the 18th century, a sad and lonely place.

Eventually the land runs out and the Point is reached. After scrambling round its rocky end I dropped onto the beach and made for the houses.

I'm at a loss to describe the village; is it melancholic, beautiful or stoic? Perhaps all three. Cut off by the tide it was deserted, peaceful and enchanting.

Sunderland Point is by no means a tourist destination, but it's a place I'd recommend anyone visit. Go when the water is high. Walk from the north. Pay your respects to Sambo.

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