Saturday, 19 March 2005


Morecambe → Lancaster

[Sculpture depicting the Lakeland Fells as seen from Morecambe]

Distance: 15.7 miles
Ascent: 187 metres
Duration: 4 hours 43 minutes

Things to see, things to miss
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If you were to walk the Lancashire Coastal Way from Morecambe to Lancaster you'd need just one hour. You'd walk for three miles along a cycle track that follows a disused railway line. You'd not see the nuclear power stations at Heysham, and you'd not see the sea.

[Sunderland Point]

Don't do this. Take your own route. Because the official path also omits Sunderland Point, a tiny hamlet accessible only by a two mile tidal causeway. Lower Heysham is another must-see village, at the far south of the Morecambe promenade.

On the other hand, I'd advise against the path around Bazil Point. It too is covered by the daily tide, resulting in a boggy mess that seemingly never dries out.

There's been so much more to see today. Morecambe's prom was a delight, a modern artistic boundary separating the Bay from the decaying town with labyrinth, sculpture and deco architecture.

Further on, cars parked on the sand delimited a make-shift runway for model planes; a long cycle track carried me past full football fields; a disobedient dog tormented a toddler.

It's good to be walking again.

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