Sunday, 20 March 2005


Hest Bank → Morecambe

[Warning about the sands]

Distance: 2.07 miles
Ascent: 29 metres
Duration: 38 minutes

Irresitable draw
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I couldn't shake off the feeling I'd not walked enough today so I sneaked in this short walk. Hopefully I'll not have to walk the coast north of Hest Bank. Instead I'll stride into the village having been guided across the sands of Morecambe Bay - this village is the at the southern end of the ancient byway across the bay.

[Cocklers on the sands]

The death of 20 cocklers on the sands last year doesn't seem to have closed the bay entirely, but a good number of people were sat on the beach looking nervously out as the tide raced in. It'll be a nervous nine mile walk when I come to do it, but it is perhaps the stretch of coastline I'm most looking forward to completing.

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