Sunday, 29 December 2013

The London Loop

Jubilee Country Park → West Wickham Common

em-downe.png Distance: 8.92 miles
Ascent: 211 metres
Duration: 3 hours 23 minutes

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We had planned to try to complete the entire Loop before resuming work in the New Year, but I suspect this slightly curtailed walk will be the last of the week: slipping and sliding on endless muddy trails saps energy and doubles the perceived distance travelled.

ceasars-well.pngAt times today it's been hard to believe that we're still within the confines of the M25. The path has worked its way across fields and country parks, down narrow green lanes and up surprisingly steep wooded hills. We've seen a spring named in Caesar's honour and the remnants of an oak tree associated with the abolition of slavery.

We had hoped to go further, but we stopped at West Wickham Common. Better to quit while were were still enjoying the walk rather than grumble for another nine miles.

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