Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Cleethorpes → Immingham

closed-chippy.png Distance: 10.1 miles
Ascent: 345 metres
Duration: 3 hours

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From Cleethorpes, through Grimsby, to Immingham: not the most glamorous of walks.

grimsby-fc.pngDespite this being a very industrial landscape, there was still plenty to see: the ironic "no ball games" notice on Grimsby FC's gates; the countless fish processing plants, the ever-present Grimsby Harbour Tower; the fields full of new cars, all with their windscreen wipers raised in salute.

grimsby-dock.pngWest of Grimsby we took to the concrete sea wall, looking at the industry which lines the coast here: a power station, plants making titanium dioxide (this one with significantly more scary warning signs), pharmaceuticals, polymers and performance products. If you want to play with chemicals for a living, Grimsby seems a surprisingly popular destination.

chemical-plant.pngEventually a fence forced us inland, and for a brief moment we were treated to a delightful woodland walk before being dropped onto a busy road hurrying lorries between factory and dock on the edge of Immingham.

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