Monday, 7 May 2007

Visual Arts

Event Horizon

Waterloo Bridge is always a good place for a stroll. The classic London skyline opens up around you, from Docklands in the east to Westminster in the west.

[A solitary iron man]

For the next three months this is home to London's latest game: Spot the Gormley. Standing still on buildings across the broad sweep of the skyline are Antony Gormley figures gazing patiently back at you. As if bored by their view from the Sefton Coast they're taking a holiday in the city.

[South Bank and a Gormley or three]

There's a Doctor Who episode in this one I'm sure: Invasion of the Iron Men. One sits on top of a tall block of flats towards Elephant and Castle, one is on the TV studios, three or four are on the South Bank Centre. Two stand on the bridge itself. Let your eyes rest on just about any building and you'll see one. Waiting silently. Hoping for a signal.

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