Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Magnolia eradication

The Magnolia eradication plan continues. The bedrooms were easy: Morning Light and Southern Stone. It's proving harder to agree on colours for downstairs though.

[Multicoloured lounge]

I'm drawn to paints that sound like the coast or a pudding. Emma says the colour itself is important. So far we've had Autumn Fern, Oyster Cove, Raspberry Torte, Noisette, Natural Calico, Natural Hessian, Vineyard Earth, Soft Caress and Gentle Fawn.

This might take a while. Maybe we should try Magnolia.

(In the meantime, does anyone want four and a half litres of soft sheen Autumn Fern 4? It's the pinkish colour in the left-hand alcove. We won't be using it.)

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