Thursday, 21 September 2006


Feet first

In recent weeks Emma and I have been showing friends a series of photographs and asking which should be on the front of the order of service for our wedding. This one - taken on our holiday to Portland last summer - was universally ruled out.

[Man jumping into the sea at Pulpit Rock]

Without exception everyone's said that "jumping off a cliff" isn't an appropriate image to be starting married life with. My friends see madness, danger and injury in the picture. They see certain doom. I disagree.

I see three people on the rock. One sits, watching, learning. One stands, perhaps readying himself for his turn. One is already committed to the jump.

There's no uncertainty here - they know what will happen. They've all sat on Pulpit Rock and watched their friends go for a swim. They're sure the water's deep enough. Even though they've not done it before they know about the thrill just as certainly they know they'll survive.

And I don't think that's a million miles away from where Emma and I will be next Saturday: feet first, led by the heart.

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