Thursday, 3 August 2006


The rumour comes home

Today's oblique Greenbelt reference comes courtesy of the BBC Radio 1 Entertainment News podcast. In the 3 August edition, Harry Shearer - the voice of Ned Flanders - says:

"I was pleased - if amazed - to note, a couple of years ago somebody called from the BBC and informed me that there was this group of Christian gentlemen in this country who dress up as Ned Flanders and have a convention every year."

I'm not surprised the story of Ship of Fools' Ned Flanders Night back in 2001 has found its way back to the source, or that it morphed considerably on the way.

Thank goodness Greenbelt changes each year. I'd hate for that to be an accurate description of the event. Then again, maybe Ned's an image we'll never quite shake off.

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