Monday, 6 February 2006


Film: The Producers

Going into the cinema I had the advantage of having seen neither the original 1968 version of this film nor the recent stage production. I gather this remake doesn't live up to either. Still, it's good. A few moments of genius interspersed with okay padding.

The film centres on the production of the most offensive play possible. In places the film is a little smutty. If those moments were supposed to offend the cinema audience (in an echo of the play) they didn't go far enough, although two elderly people sat next to me did walk out. Perhaps 1968 offensive is 2006 cringe. On the other hand, perhaps I missed the point.

I'm pleased to have seen an adaptation of such a famous screenplay, but I'm in no rush to see the other two versions.

(For those yet to see the film: hang on right through the closing credits for a brief cameo by Mel Brooks.)

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