Wednesday, 11 January 2006


Walk: A little bit of America

[Track between two ploughed fields]

Distance: 6.51 miles
Ascent: 78 metres
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

Walk 15: West Row and Worlington from Mildenhall

The landscape along this walk either side of the River Lark is a terrain of transition. This town in the far west of Suffolk is sandwiched between low-lying fens on the north and west, and the county's highlands on the south and west.

[A flying machine]

The view is classic England but every few minutes the indigenous sounds are deafened by the noise emanating from the little piece of America half a mile away. In West Row a jeep swerved to avoid me, its khaki-clad driver only noticing me at the last minute. He held a phone tight against his ear. That'll teach me for happening to be in the way of American Business.

[Curiously painted house]

A consequence of the recent wet weather was that with each step a little more of the path clung to my feet so the tarmac roads of the last two miles was a welcome relief. Probably the strangest sight on this stretch was a curious house, its windows painted pink, yellow and blue.

Not too strenuous, not too far from home, no animals to contend with; it's been a good first walk of the year.

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