Sunday, 19 March 2000


Rottingdean → Peacehaven

Distance: 2.7 miles
Ascent: unknown
Duration: unknown

Hardy handbrakes
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Dad was keen to walk with me this week. He's not up to great distances now, so a stretch along the sea-front east of Brighton made sense. The A259 follows the coast closely here, and a regular bus service gave us the option of cutting the walk sort at any moment.

We parked on a back street in Rottingdean and kept to the cliff-top all the way to the Meridian monument in Peacehaven. It was a glorious walk. Despite the proximity of the main road, the thunder of the waves below drowned out the traffic. There's a reasonable undulation to the path, but we made it to the end eventually.

We took the bus back. (That's two people - Dad and Jon - who I've recently taken on a bus for the first time in years. Neither were sure of how they 'work'. Do we really all drive that much?)

Things turned interesting at the car. The car below mine on the hill was parked millimetres from my back bumper, and the car in front was actually touching. A look in the window showed that the owner of the front car hadn't bothered with the hand-brake (and this on a hill of about 1:8 gradient), so was being held on mine.

We were on the verge of calling the Police when a resident pointed us in the direction of a rather embarrassed owner. There was no damage to either vehicle, but things could've turned interesting if my little Metro hadn't held out.

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