Monday, 24 September 2018

Hadrian's Wall Path

Heddon-on-the-Wall → Chollerford

buried-wall.jpg Distance: 15.63 miles
Ascent: 403 metres
Duration: 5 hours 28 minutes

A tedious trudge
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Unlike yesterday, we've never been far from Hadrian's Wall but there's not been much, if any of it, to see. Blame General Wade. When constructing a military road between Carlisle and Newcastle he followed the route of the Roman Wall precisely, either robbing it for materials or building directly on top of it.

Over the centuries Wade's road has been upgraded and now forms the modern B6318. So to make matters worse, we've pretty much been on the course of a trunk road all day.

games-consoles.jpgThere was curious wall-building of a modern kind to be seen though. At East Wallhouses, two defunct games consoles have been used in place of stones in a garden wall. I don't think this wall will be round long enough for archaeologists to be baffled by it though.

wall-at-wall.jpgOnce again the highlights came towards the end. Just outside the village of Wall the road and wall diverge, leaving a fantastic stretch of Roman ruin running through the field.

blocks-at-chesters-bridge.jpgA little later the wall crosses the North Tyne River, and a brief detour from Chollerford Bridge gives access to the ruins of the old Roman bridges. This must have been a spectacular piece of engineering; all that's left now is a group of stones arranged in the grass by the bank.

Tomorrow promises to start with much of the same, before finally hitting the spectacular crags.

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