Saturday, 5 August 2017

North Downs Way

Charing → Canterbury

pilgrims-way.jpg Distance: 18.61 miles
Ascent: 440 metres
Duration: 6 hours 12 minutes

Even pilgrims pay
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It was clear from early on today that we were approaching somewhere significant: the path grew wider and busier.

harvest.jpgWe passed through fields of wheat being harvested, endured another thunderstorm (is this a regular "Saturday thing" on the North Downs?), saw orchards full of minibuses and chalets for migrant workers. There are dozens of sermons here waiting to be written.

pilgrim-arrival.jpgAfter a long walk, we two pilgrims finally arrived in Canterbury. Delighted to reach the cathedral before it closed, we paid the admission fee (walking The Pilgrims' Way wasn't listed as a qualifier for free entry) and sat in the vast, quiet space.


Back out in the cloisters two Dutch women approached. They'd seen us earlier on the walk, where their tour coach had stopped for lunch. I'm sure we missed some of the historical detail by not having a tour guide with us, but I much preferred arriving this way.

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