Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Wick → Keiss

noss-head.jpg Distance: 11.80 miles
Ascent: 173 metres
Duration: 4 hours 10 minutes

Castles and beaches
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birds.jpgAt last, we've left the main roads! It's a little too far for us to reach the end of the east coast today so we split the remaining distance at the hamlet of Keiss which is well-served by the John o' Groats to Wick bus.

castle-sinclair-girnigoe.jpgThe walk was of two halves: first a clifftop amble past the lighthouse and castles on the Noss headland, followed by a four mile walk along the sands of Sinclair's Bay.

burn-of-lyth.jpgAbout one third of the way along the bay, the Burn of Lyth empties into the North Sea. The books we'd read suggested that this was a potentially deep and treacherous river, but we found we could cross it with little difficulty.

Just after the Burn an arrow-straight railway runs inland, perpendicular to the beach, for five miles. Pipeline packages are constructed on the railway and then dragged out to sea. One imagines this may present a more difficult obstacle to cross from time to time, but there was activity today.

Notes for future walkers:

  • There's a good signposted path around North Head in Wick from ND 336 950.
  • We stayed on the minor road through Papigoe and Staxigoe to Field of Noss Farm.
  • From the farm, a good path leads via Noss Head and Castle Sinclair Girnigoe to Ackergill Tower (ND 352 547) where we joined the shore.
  • We had no problem wading across the River of Wester on the beach (ND 340 576).

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