Saturday, 16 January 2016

Thames Path

Walton-on-Thames → Richmond

boat-shed.jpg Distance: 13.06 miles
Ascent: 37 metres
Duration: 3 hours 38 minutes

Towards the centre of the dart board
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When we resumed walking the Thames Path in October we were determined to finish before the end of the year. We didn't quite achieve that, but having crossed the M25 last time we feel the end is in sight.

It's been a cold day, and the path has been muddy where the ice has started to melt. At Kingston we crossed the line of the London Outer Orbital Path, and at Richmond we intersected the Capital Ring. Slicing through these concentric round-London routes it feels as through we're working our way to the bullseye of the dart board of the capital.

hampton-court.jpgThe highlight was brushing past the Royal Palace at Hampton Court. There's no getting away from its splendour, but it's disappointing that the entire park is hidden from the river behind a double-fence or high hedge.

Originally we'd planned to walk further today but there seems little point. No matter how far we go we'd still have two walks remaining so stopping at a good transport hub seemed sensible option.

If all goes to plan, next time we'll pierce the final circle: the Jubilee Walkway at the heart of the city.

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