Sunday, 13 December 2015

Thames Path

Windsor → Walton-on-Thames

qe2-runnymead.jpg Distance: 15.92 miles
Ascent: 46 metres
Duration: 4 hours 51 minutes

A birthday walk
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You can tell we're heading towards the darkest night of the year; the day felt like a permanent dusk. It's been soggy, drizzly and grey, as if the sun couldn't see the point of bringing us any light.

Still, we're keen to try and complete the Thames Path this year so trudged on regardless.

There doesn't seem much to write about. Runnymead held no particular fascination, and the less said of Staines (even with its recent "-upon-Thames" appendage) the better.

weybridge-ferry.jpgThe one point of interest was the sole ferry we'll take on this National Trail, from Shepperton to Weybridge. We'd just missed one service when we arrived at the pontoon, but a friendly man quickly arrived to take us across. "I couldn't watch you wait another quarter of an hour," he said, gesturing to the skies. He was a glimmer of sunshine before we departed back into the grey.

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