Wednesday, 4 November 2015



A throwaway song from an interim album formed the emotional heart of this, U2's latest tour.

And I have no compass
And I have no map
And I have no reasons
No reasons to get back

And I have no religion
And I don't know what's what
And I don't know the limits
The limits of what we've got

Don't worry baby
It's gonna be alright
Uncertainty can be a guiding light
I hear voices, ridiculous voices
Out in the slipstream
Let's go to the overground
Get your head out of the mud baby

We're gonna dream of the world we want to live in
We're gonna dream out loud
Dream out loud


The lengthy stage lit by fluorescent tubes took on the form of a sanctuary and the text #refugeeswelcome appeared on the screens. A breathtaking moment from a spectacular show.

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