Saturday, 18 October 2014


Jo Mango: Transformuration

A new album from Jo Mango? Not quite. Transformation is a remix — a transformation — of my favourite album of 2012, Jo's sublime Murmuration.

I'll not waste any time: the remix album isn't up to the quality of the original, but is it really fair to compare them?

Each track from Murmuration is present, remixed by a different artist. Some are quite similar to the originals, while others are more daring. Two tracks are instrumentals. The favoured treatment of the hushed vocals appears to be to add masses of reverb, a trick that seems a little clichéd after a while.

There's still much to enjoy here though, and it's always good to find a new perspective. But every time I listen to Transformation the abiding thought is that I must return to Murmuration once more.

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