Friday, 7 February 2014


Alnmouth → Craster

alnmouth-bay.jpg Distance: 7.85 miles
Ascent: 172 metres
Duration: 2 hours 47 minutes

Northumberland in miniature
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metal-bird.jpgThe final push begins here. We're back on the coast, with a short week of walking ahead, hopefully culminating with the completion of England's coastline next Saturday. With only fifty miles or so to go, can anything go wrong now?

howick-fort.jpgThe weather looks set to do its best to trip us up. A series of heavy storms have battered the country since late December, and they've not let up yet. That being said, we've had a remarkably dry day today, enabling us to complete this short warm-up walk as a prelude to the rest of the week.

howick-haven.jpgIt's been a bit of a "nothing" walk really. As ever it's good to be back on the trail, but nothing really stands out as a feature.

rock-keyhole.jpgOn the other hand, one might consider this walk to be very representative of Northumberland's coastline: the odd golf course and caravan site interspersed with sandy beaches and secluded coves (Iron Scars near Howick was particularly beautiful).

smokery.jpgAt Craster our nostrils were filled with a sweet scent reminiscent of pancakes and maple syrup. In fact it was Robson & Sons' Smokehouse, where kippers are a speciality. Clouds of smoke billowed out of the shutters at the top of the building, meaning a purchase was inevitable, even though we plumped for salmon rather than the classic kippers.

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