Monday, 24 February 2014

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Marit and Rona: Turas

The highlight of last year's Solas Festival for me came in two languages that I don't speak: an account of an argument between two old men in Gaelic, melded with pre-feminist Swedish advice for young women. I'd not seen Marit Fält and Rona Wilkie's main set earlier in the day, and their two-song set at the Festival Club made me realise what a mistake it had been to miss them.

Today Marit and Rona released their debut album Turas (Swedish for "to take turns"; Gaelic for "journey" or "occasion"). It weaves together traditional music from the Scottish Highlands and lands beyond the horizon in Scandinavia.

I may not speak a single word of the languages represented, but the music itself is beautiful and infectious.

Favourite tracks:

  • Bodach — the track I remembered from the Solas Festival Club
  • Tobar, Tobar — anything that showcases "mouth-music" always wins me over
  • Tha Bò Dhubh Agam — a lullaby from Nova Scotia that closes out the album

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