Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Bridgwater → Combwich

parrett-trail.png Distance: 7.86 miles
Ascent: 70 metres
Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes

The Coastwalker
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The west bank of the Parrett is more arable than pasture, but once again the path seems rarely used. Ahead we saw a man struggling through the shin-high grasses, wet with dew. There was something familiar about his manner.

"You came prepared," he said as we met on an overgrown section of the river embankment.

As he pointed to my gaiters I saw that his legs were sodden from the wet grasses we were fighting through. At least he had trekking poles; I'd picked up a stick to help us through a field of cows earlier on.

river-parrett.pngWe exchanged pleasantries, and an unexpected moment.

"Burnham," he replied when we asked where he was headed to today. (Our short hop to Combwich seemed amateur in comparison.)

With a slightly sheepish look on his face he drew in another breath and added, "I'm walking the whole coast."

"So are we!"

Thus for the first time ever we met another coast walker. Conversation flowed swiftly as we exchanged tips about what's to come.

Our friend started five years ago in Rye and intends to take another ten years to complete all three countries. This year his plans were to walk from Sennen Cove to Chepstow, something that he felt was in jeopardy given the approaching winter.

We strode on buoyed by our encounter, delighted to have met a fellow traveller, and surprised it had taken so long.

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