Saturday, 20 April 2013


Barton-upon-Humber → Kingston upon Hull

pab-humber-bridge.png Distance: 8.25 miles
Ascent: 53 metres
Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes

Welcome to the north
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Goodbye Lincolnshire, hello Yorkshire. There's no doubt about it now: we are in "the north".

under-humber-bridge.pngCrossing the Humber I was struck that barely 100 miles away, due almost precisely west of here is the Ribble estuary and Preston. For some reason the geography of the two sides of the country are disjointed in my head, and I had to look at a map to see just how far north we were.

bridge-cottages.pngThe bridge is, of course, massive, taking a good 45 minutes to walk across. On the north side, a path leads down through a country park to the shoreline which is the better vantage point from which to appreciate the gigantic structure.

derelict-dock.pngBut rather than hang about, we plodded on. Soon we were passing retail parks, derelict docks then working docks before being plunged headlong into the cafés and offices that bring Kingston upon Hull's waterfront to the same spec as every other quay in the country.


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