Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Arts , Greenbelt


Greenbelt have published the first few names for the 2013 festival lineup today.

For me, I'm particularly excited about one: Bill Drummond.

Like many I first became aware of him through The Timelords, The KLF and The K Foundation. Later I started to learn how these projects were just artefacts left behind by the ebbing and flowing of a life led to the full.

What does it take to make "number one"? What it the point of money? Is there such a thing as good art?

Bill Drummond's an artist who melds a sense of being, a sense of place, a sense of humour and a deeply inquisitive mind. His work since 2000 has been catalogued on his website, Penkiln Burn. Sometimes offensive, often challenging, always worth a read.

Update, 31 March
Perhaps I imagined it. I can now find no mention of Bill on the Greenbelt website. Here's hoping it's not a cancellation, or a dream.

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