Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Gig: Radiohead

I've never been the biggest Radiohead fan. Perhaps like many I get on with OK Computer and In Rainbows but found the records between them to generally be messy, bordering on cacophonous.

Live is a different matter. Three years ago when I was privileged to see Thom Yorke play a brief acoustic set, my opinion turned around. Even those 'difficult' songs took on a new dimension when performed with passion just a few feet away. So tonight I was hoping for great things.

[Radiohead in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets]

On one axis they didn't disappoint. Seeing the full band was fantastic. The music absolutely zinged.

But on another, something wasn't quite right. The light show was contained by the stage, as if it was designed for an arena rather than the open-air of Victoria Park. An indoor gig would have been healthier too - one year into the smoking ban I'd forgotten how horrible it is to spend three hours in a cloud of tobacco smoke (as well as fumes from other herbs).

I shouldn't diminish the event. It was a wonderful evening. Highly worthwhile.

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