Wednesday, 15 November 2006


Monday fun

Blimey, a whole week has passed already. This week, I have:
a) applied for three jobs and Been Seen by the JobCentre
b) made nice cake
c) been to Asda a few times
d) been a bit slacky on the domesticity front, truth be told, and
e) bought a lovely new jacket.

I’ve also discovered that there’s nowhere in the house where it’s comfortable to sit for longer than, say, five hours at a stretch without developing crippling back pain, but that’s not really something to admit to.

The JobCentre was quite painless this week, and fairly quiet without a repeat of the epic argument between the staff and a particularly irrritated ‘client’ which happened last time I was there. And no, the ‘client’ in question wasn’t me, although I was quite aggrieved at having been made to wait for half an hour beyond my appointment time. It may sound a bit sniffy, but I’m sure that if I’d been that late I would have had all sorts of official trouble, and the lady who I eventually saw would have been really cross.

I went into London after signing on to meet up with Pab and the others after their Greenbelt meeting; I had a bit of time before going to the office, so I walked up Oxford Street to the big John Lewis to get the jacket that I couldn’t really justify buying. On the way, I was struck (almost literally, in one case) by people thrusting free papers, flyers and adverts at me, often at face-level, as if a firm smack on the nose with a rolled up London Paper is going to improve my shopping experience. I don’t mind the determination of these people, it’s the sheer number which turns an already crowded and bustling street into a nightmare assault course. On the other hand, London at night does feel like a foreign capital; I love it.

Time to find some more jobs then! Or clean the sink. Sink first.

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