Sunday, 19 November 2006


Film: Casino Royale

[The Riverside]

Unusually a queue was forming outside The Riverside Theatre this evening. It's hardly a surprise though - when you screen the latest Bond film on the day of its release in a small cinema like this you're guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Equally unusual was the film stopping halfway through. A power cut caught everyone out in the middle of the centrepiece card game. When the emergency lighting kicked in the tension in the cinema was clearly visible.

A minute later we were back in the Casino. Fantastic stuff.

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Honeymoon round-up

This week's "Coast" visited the south-west and reminded me I've not written about Cornwall. We received more than a couple of strange looks when we told people where we were headed for our honeymoon, but right now I can't imagine a better destination.

There's too much to say. So I'll make do with a list of things I loved:

[In the Seafood Restaurant]

[Engraved pebbles]

And then of course there was Padstow. We visited each of Mr Stein's establishments and loved them all. In his shop he was selling polished pebbles, each with a word written on the surface. You'll be pleased to hear one of those words was "Yes".

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