Thursday, 24 March 2005


Knott End-on-Sea → Fleetwood

[Looking across to Fleetwood]

Distance: 14.4 miles
Ascent: 215 metres
Duration: 5 hours

The Wyre Estuary
« Glasson Dock | St Anne's-on-Sea »

The observant will have noticed a gap. On Monday I walked to Knott End; on Tuesday I resumed at Fleetwood. To be honest even this morning I was hoping to find the ferry running so that I could fill in the gap quickly. It wasn't to be; a day's walk both sides of the Wyre estuary was the only alternative.

[The Wyre near Little Thornton]

It's a plesant enough walk. The kilometre on the foreshore either side of Shard Bridge was a little boggy, but the going was easy everywhere else.

When I finally reached Fleetwood I could see the car tantalisingly close just across the water, an hour's bus ride away.

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