Sunday, 30 January 2005


Bowness on Solway → Kirkbride

[Anthorn Radio Station]

Distance: 9.08 miles
Ascent: 121 metres
Duration: 2 hours 46 minutes

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I've had two companions all day today. First, the road. It's been one of those days when a map wasn't necessary - just follow the one road. The road circled my second companion: the masts of Anthorn Radio Station.

I've not made up my mind. Is the station a modern-day maypole? An oversized cake cover? A henge: first wood-, then stone-, now wire-. There are fifteen antennae laid out in the shape of the Star of David, connected with a cobweb of wires. As my viewpoint changed, the patterns in the knitting alternated between a complex knot and a beautiful net. I wish I'd been able to capture this well on film.

[Whitrigg Bridge]

I also wish I'd snapped the fox who slowly padded along the road in front of me. Or the embankments stretching out into the estuary that once led to a bridge across to Scotland. I wish I could show you the way the sun spot-lit each of the Dumfries hills in turn. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it: even road walking has its moments.

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