Sunday, 28 March 2004


Kents Bank → Grange-over-Sands

[Thousand-mile stone]

Distance: 1.1 miles
Ascent: 19 metres
Duration: 25 minutes

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One more for the road. I was about to begin the drive home, but Jon persuaded me on one final walk in the Lakes. (Except this one didn't need much persuasion.)

On the promenade just west of Grange station is a bench dedicated to Len Bamber. This, it proclaims, was a favourite view of his. Maybe, but today the bench marks something else. Today it's the place where I completed my thousandth mile of coastline.

We had no camera to record the moment, so I picked up a rock and slipped it into my pocket.

A thousand miles. A long way. It should be a huge milestone, but somehow that mile felt very run-of-the-mill, very ordinary. As well it should: I have another five or six thousand to go if I'm to complete this walk.

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